“But I, the Lord, search all heart and examine secret motives. I give all people their due rewards, according to what their actions deserve.” – Jermiah 17:10

On a first glance perhaps. But on a second glance I hear the inner skeptic say:

“Well Jesus was crucified”
“Job lost everything”
“The apostles were killed… Some reward that is…”

These were good people with good intentions. Yet we’ve all seen crooks celebrated and honest people persecuted.

So what gives?

The Definition Of ”Reward”

I think this is where the problem lies.

Our definition of reward is extremely external.

• Wealth
• Respect
• Fame (even if it’s in our church)

It’s physical. It’s tangible and it’s now. In the present. But this doesn’t fit with how the Bible often depicts reward, often describing it as internal, intangible and eternal.

Put, eternity and treasure in heaven aside, there is so much on the table for us to feast on in this life as our reward for godly living.

– Peace
– Purpose
– Contentment.

I know millionaires who would cash it all in for those 3 things alone. On the other hand I know people with “nothing” who are the richest people on the planet.

So let us not be so concerned about the outside of the cup (both in ourselves and others). We are the players, not the referee. We’re on the pitch, not keeping score. We’re not called to do God’s work for him…

So let’s not.

Let’s start with the plank in our own eye. The secret motives in our own hearts and let us delight in him and in what he has already so richly rewarded us with.

See you tomorrow.

– Matt