“But blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence. – Jeremiah 17:7
I meet a lot of people every week in the business world with huge, confident personalities. To the outside world, it seems like the troubles of life, uncertainty of business and pressure to perform, rolls of them like water off a duck’s back.
(Stole that one from my granny).
But once you get to know them and peek behind the curtain you get to see that they’re just as scared as the rest of us.
Their confidence isn’t necessarily false. It’s just a little more fragile than it seems.
Most translations of Jeremiah 17:7 say ‘blessed are those trust the Lord’. But the NLT and NIV bring in this word confidence, and that’s what’s really on my mind this morning.

What does it mean to make the Lord our confidence?

Two ideas for us.

1. To confide in Him

Everyone needs a friend that we can run to when the STUFF hits the fan. Someone we can unburden ourselves with, offload and share the weight. To vent, and perhaps occasionally rant.

Ultimately, we all need someone to confide in.

One of the most powerful shifts that can happen in our faith is when we start talking to God throughout our day and about every aspect of our lives. This is what I believe a guy called Paul was talking about when he said “prayer without ceasing”.

POD: Prayer On Demand: Not just when we’re in the temple, not just when we’re on our special chair or sprawled out on the yoga mat… But when we’re working, walking, cooking, driving – and living. That we turn to Him and ask for His guidance in real-time like we would pick up the phone to call a friend.

2. To know that He’s got it.

When mum was teaching me how to drive, she was on edge. Belted into the passenger’s seat beside me, holding on for dear life and jump-scaring at every close call, every right turn and every lane change.

She wasn’t confident in my ability to drive. This was good because she shouldn’t have been.

However, when she’s in the car with me no, she’s fine. No worries. No drama. She’s confident that I know what I’m doing and can get us to our destination safely. (Though she’s no doubt still freaking out in her head).

Having confidence in God is like this. It’s letting go of the desire to control everything. To trust that He’s going to take us to where we need to go. That He knows what He’s doing and that He’s got it.

Sure, there’ll be a couple of bumps, detours, breakdowns and maybe even some crashes along the way. There always is. But having confidence in Him is the state of knowing that someday we’ll arrive at our final destination, and that He’s in the car with us, every bit of the journey.

See you tomorrow.

– Matthew