What If King David Had Instagram?

I often wonder what it would be like to rip someone from the pages of history and set them right bang in the middle of our 21st century… like what would it be like if King David had Instagram Social media has carved a unique cultural landscape in our day to day life unlike any other point in history, bringing along unique challenges…

Think Like A Dragon, Become A Dragon

Think like a dragon, become a dragon. It’s a pretty straightforward concept/calculation, one that I’ve been mulling over for a while. In C.S Lewis’ book ‘The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader’ – which is part of the Chronicles of Narnia – there is a character called Eustace who stumbles into a dragon’s cave….

Spoiler Alert: I Will Let You Down

I will let you down. There I said it, so don’t be surprised when I do. All my consistency, discipline and good intentions are ultimately undermined by one thing: Me. Here are a couple of thoughts about integrity, imperfection and embracing our flaws. But don’t worry, towards the end I give some action point – it’s not all doom and gloom. Let’s go.

What Are You Drinking?

What are you drinking? That’s the question Joshua Luke Smith asks in his latest song Headlights and the question I in turn am asking you today. One sentence summary: “Trying to find my hope, in somebody else’s broken bones. Water don’t satisfy my soul: no more.”Joshua Luke Smith