Two business friends of mine had been ranting and raving about this guy Rob Moore and his books ‘Money’ and’ Life Leverage’ for a long time.

Now I know why.

After finally reaching ‘Kindle zero’ – when you have read all the books in your library – I had the opportunity to dive into ‘Money’.

Highlights of Money By Rob Moore

This book severely challenged my mindset on wealth, money and – unexpectedly – the vision of my life.

(And specifically how I go about implementing it).

Particularly coming from the deeply religious, skeptical and frugal background of Northern Ireland, ‘Money’ made me feel very uncomfortable…

Which is great.

Moore directly challenges our closely held onto money beliefs such as:
• Hard work leads to wealth
• Money is evil
• The ultra-wealthy are corrupt.

One point that really rattled me was the fact that the 1% actually provide all the opportunities for the 99%…

It’s the people at the top who create the jobs that we provide for our families through, pay our mortgages and give to charity.

I honestly had never thought about it that way.

Rob also does a great job of giving a big picture overview of what money is and how our economy works.

As someone who is a beginner in this area I found that really helpful.

But for me the real gold in ‘Money’ lies in the blueprint of how to live a full life focused on driving forward your wildest dreams and purposes.

Not only does Moore help you answer questions like:

• What legacy I want to leave behind?
• What are my most important values?
• What dent can I make in the universe?

But he also shows you how.

Including a simple process to ensure that every day and hour has value.

This, combined with his ideas about time – how it’s our most scarce resource and how it can be leveraged – has already made a massive dent in my daily life and honestly altered how I go about chasing down my God- given dreams.

You won’t agree with everything he has to say – I certainly didn’t – but I’m a firm believer that in challenging ourselves on what we believe on a regular basis to learn, grow and become the best version of ourselves.

From what I can gather Rob Moore would also share this sentiment.

So if you’re at all interested in: business, entrepreneurship, time management, or personal wealth management, I highly recommend reading Money this week.

It’s on Audible but I think Kindle or paperback makes more sense as you will want to do the exercises and reler back to certain pages in the book.

It’s really more of a manual in that way.

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– Matthew